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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 6, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EST

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for those who say americans don't know how to create jobs i answer with one glorious word, facebook. thank you to suze orman. thank you to my audience and thank you to home for the contributions for a fascinating show. if you can't tell the truth how can the country possibly expect you to lead. >> angry newt. he loses nevada. promises a change of tone and to press on to the convention. out of control. syria, egypt. the rages. the death toll rises. we take you inside the middle east clashes. this is a scroll that is 312 years old.
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king eddie, wrapped an anointed king who used to be a rabbi. soul man, remembering don cornelius with a woman who knew him well. joins us to pay tribute. it is all right here right now on cnn. hello. thank you for joining us. josh powell was once a suspect in his wife's disappearance. tonight he appears guilty of another heinous crime, one that claimed his life and the lives of his two young children. an explosion in the home appears to have killed the three of them. powell was previously identified by utah police as the loan person of interest in the disappearance of his wife susan
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powell. josh claims the last time he saw her was december 9, 2009. joining me is mccarthy. i'm joined on the phone. first to you on the ground, let me ask you the story. what is happening at the house now? >> reporter: what's happening is securing the scene for the night. the investigators are leaving. they have secured the house and removed the body of joshua powell and his two sons and will return tomorrow morning. you can probably see where the lights are set up back there inside through the trees and the darkness. that is the home that went up in flames. what we are told is at about 12:13 this afternoon a case worker contracted with the department of social health services was dropping josh powell's sons off for a regularly scheduled supervised
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visit. he had only been allowed supervised visits. the kids got out of the car and ran to the door as they generally do. josh let them in and slammed the door shut. the case worker said she heard explosions from inside the house. flames quickly enclosed the house. by the time firefighters arrived the home was completely engulfed in flames. joshua powell and his two sons were inside. all three of them died. from what we heard is that this was an act of evil. they are calling this a murder suicide. they are saying joshua powellal rigged the house to exexplode and burn. the bodies have been taken away to the medical examiner. there will be autopsies to determine if there was another cause of death. >> stand by. good reporting. i want to get to ed who i spoke
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with earlier. ed, you said you believe at the time that josh powell set this up. >> reporter: there is no doubt about that. there were only three people in thunderstorm house when this happened. we have to wait for the official confirmation but we have recovered all three bodies and we believe they are josh powell and two kids and this is done intentionally. this was a double homicide and he planned it. he used excelerant because the house went up very, very fast. we have just now gotten to the point where we are able to start processing the scene to determine origin and cause on the fire. >> what about reports. i think you told me earlier that you had an e-mail from josh powell. >> there is an e-mail being circulated that has gone to family and friends of his
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stating that he couldn't live with what was going on and a couple of lines. we have not confirmed that but we do believe that it is from him and it confirms what we know he did here today and it shows this is what he intended to do, to kill the two children and kill himself. >> besides the e-mail he had a hearing last week. it is believed he may have been upset by the hearing? >> he had a hearing last week where he was ordered to do some tests and he was trying to get custody of the kids and was not able to get custody of the kids and judge determined they would continue to live with juzen's parents. this was a supervised visit which has happened before. the lady brought the kids here per court order. she called 911 and tried to get
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in. within minutes the house was on fire. this was done deliberately and intentionally and the plan was carried out very quickly. >> thank you very much. i want to go back now to kevin mccarthy. josh obwrsly troubled. his father, as well. are you hearing from neighbors or relatives in and around the scene? >> they are not hearing a lot from neighbors. josh powell kept to himself in this neighborhood. this is a home he moved to after he had to leave his father's house after he lost custody of his kids. he wasn't allowed to have the kids in his house. steven is under a suicide watch inside the pierce county jail. he blamed the police for all of this and he was placed under a suicide watch.
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i contacted josh powell earlier this week. i was at the custody hearing where he was hoping to get his kids back. that case was stayed. that is when the state attorney general's office here raised concerns about what they say were pornographic images found on a computer in 2009. powell was ordered to undergo a lie detector test and counseling. the next hearing was delayed until late july. joshua powell left and looked distraught. i have talked to josh powell since i first met him this summer. i have seen him get more distraught. he looked ten years older than the time i met him. he had dark circles under his eyes and then this happened here today. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting. many hoped that josh powell
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could someday shed some light on what happened to his wife. earlier i spoke with a criminal defense attorney. >> the saddest part is now we may know what happened to the two young boys but we will never know what happened to susan. that's the torture and that's a sick mind. that's a criminal mind. >> you believe he knew something about susan's disappearance. >> absolutely. and i think because the boys were getting older i think they were starting to verbalize and maybe he got scared of what those kids were saying. >> these poor kids. this was a disturbed family. >> yes. absolutely. there were a lot of reports we know that josh powell's father was arrested for child porn had put the moves on susan and made sexual advances to her and had stolen her underwear from her drawer and she reported this and
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said i'm not comfortable with this man. he makes me very nervous. so there were very disturbing patterns and now some criminal behavior on both of them, the father and josh powell. in syria at least 43 people killed in violence on sunday, five of them children. most of them died in the city of homs. oppositions called for a two day strike to put pressure on the government after the un security council failed to seek ledgeivation. someone by the name of danny said this left the syrian people very vulnerable. >> we wanted the u.n. to take control and the u.n. abandoned the syrian people and we have no one now. now the army has the ok from the
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u.n. to hit as hard as they want. protesters throwing rocks at police in egypt. the anger behind the clashes. >> reporter: chaos is on display where clashes continue. it's not clear how many of these mostly young men are dedicated revolutionaries. try to convince the crowd to move back chanting those who love egypt won't destroy it.
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this is an attempt to end these protests. they have linked hands trying to stop the protesters from moving forward. some watching and worried. >> we do not agree with that. they started this confrontation so we have the right to defend ourselves. the logic of street fighting doesn't allow retreat. >> that was cnn reporting. coming up tonight mitt romney picked up another win in nevada. before the night was over newt
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gingrich was already on the attack. we'll take a look at where things stand now.
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15% or more on car insurance. will be giving away passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to next presidential contests are tuesday in colorado, minnesota and missouri. mitt romney leaves nevada with a big victory and newt gingrich is still angry about romney's campaign tactics.
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mitt romney is the obvious choice by default. i think that is happening in the voting booth. i think people are going i'm going to vote for mitt romney. all these issues are problems. they see him as a man they can't seem to trust. it is not that that is not a problem. it is that he is the inevitable guy. >> now it is time for jamie to come in here. the obama camp is consistently going after mitt romney, never mentioning any other republicans even when newt gingrich was high in the polls. never mentioned him. he has won two battle ground states in a row. >> if that is what we end up with let's go. looking at mitt romney's campaign is like watching a remake of doctor jekyll and mr. hide. before you decide to run for president he was pro choice, pro gun control, pro health care
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reform. as soon as he drank the elixir to run for president he is antieverything else. if we get mitt romney we are salivating because the campaign they ran against carey in 2004 is going to pail compared to 2012. >> newt gingrich didn't hold back last night. back in the post caucus news conference which was very unusual here is a take of what he had to say about mitt romney. >> i don't think there are m mechanisms to turn to somebody who is is dishonest. if you can't tell the truth this is a charge made by mccain, thomps thompson. >> so jamie, watching this what
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are democrats thinking? what is the president thinking or his strategists as they are watching newt gingrich go after mitt romney this way? i want a more positive tone and then is very negative against romney. >> a theme from last night is newt gingrich really dislikes mitt romney. it's gotten really, really bad. i think if i had to give romney any advice it is just don't talk about newt gingrich at all and just continue to run your campaign. the more he prods gingrich the more angry he is going to get and that means he is going to stay there until the end of the race. if i were romney i would be quiet about gingrich and continue to run a campaign. >> well, is is gingrich running out of steam by doing this? because is he focusing on the wrong person because romney was all obama, obama, obama and gingrich was romney, romney, romney? >> i don't think gingrich is
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interested in winning the presidency. i think he is just trying to keep it from romney. it is a i hate romney tone. it wasn't presidential. he'll have some strong states in the south. it doesn't add up to delegates. it can deny mitt romney that number of delegates. >> thank you very much. remember to check with cnn tuesday evening. our entire political team will be here to bring you the latest results. our coverage begins tuesday evening. coming up bishop wrapped and pronounced king in a bazaar ceremony. you have to see this video which has gone viral. ( susan ) so what are you gonna get me for valentine's day ?
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lead paint poisoning affects one million children today. if you're pregnant or have young children and your home was built before 1978, you could be at risk. learn how to protect your family. to find your home's danger zones, the health effects, or just to find help, log on to two florida based cruise ships are back in service after stomach sicknesses. the noro virus causes stomach aches, diarrhea and vomiting. >> nobody from the crew bothered to say they were sorry. >> sometimes it seemed a little
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overdone because you had to sterilize your hands as soon as you went in to eat. once you sterilized it they wouldn't let you touch anything. >> i think they did an excellent job and told you not to touch any surfaces. that left me hugging my wife. >> noro virus spreads easily. crews disinfected the ships. bishop eddie long admits new video may be offensive but that was not the intention. the video shows him wrapped in a torah as he is declared king. >> you can't attack him. the power is with him. >> bishop eddie long at one point had 25,000 people
1:23 am
attending his services. then he was sued for sexually coercing young men. this is unset isling because many say it misuses the tora. >> it is very offensive. many people say how offensive they find it. the reverence we show for the tora is is not something that is to be used or utilized. and then to pronounce some kind of ceremony which doesn't exist is pretty deeply offensive. >> bishop long just wrote a letter of apology. the ceremony was not my suggestion nor was it my intent to participate in any ritual that is offensive in any manner. ralph messer also apologized.
1:24 am
>> if you only watch that one 10 to 14 minute clip you could walk away very easily to say who does he think he is. he is proclaiming bishop eddie long is king. we in no way are claiming for him to be a king. we are saying we serve the king of kings and the lord of lords. >> i spoke with cultural critic, goldy taylor and she said bishop eddie long should have known how it would be viewed. >> i think inidea that he didn't know what he was getting into is laughable. he should know that a ceremony like this has no basis biblically and no basis in jewish law. for this rabbi who isn't recognized as a rabbi is a
1:25 am
farce. to wrap a man in paper and claim he is somehow absolved of all of the crimes he has committed on this community against children i think is most unfortunate about this. >> doesn't the video speak for itself? >> i watched the extended version. i'm a proud christian. a stirring in me kicked so deep. it was so offensive that they would present a sermon that had no basis scripturally. >> let's talk human to human. if you are -- is this what jesus and the lord and christianity is about, this sort of ceremony and showmanship? that's the whole thing about bishop eddie long and mega churches, that people have questions about. >> this kind of boisterous
1:26 am
granding of showing of faith is certainly something that is miscued biblically. that is a problem. the second problem of this is people have to ask, what kind of influence are they under. >> ralph says he has performed the same ceremony many times before the ritual with bishop long. two children in washington state, two children and their father dead after an explosion levels their house. you can see what it did in the video. police believe it may have been blown up on purpose. that's ahead.
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life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. the new york giants are the new super bowl champions. for the second time in five years new york defeated the new england patriots for the nfl championship. these are pictures from lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. everybody is excited there kind of. more excited in new york.
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eli manning led the drive that capped the giants comeback. the pentagon is investigating the death of the highest ranking soldier to die in afghanistan. general died friday apparently of natural charges. he was deployed to afghanistan to assist the nato training mission. police in peerps county washington believe josh powell is responsible for an explosion at his own home that appears to have claimed the lives of him and his children. utah police identified powell as the person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, susan powell cox. it is no secrete that josh powell was locked in a bitter custody battle with his wife's parents. just four days ago a judge ruled
1:31 am
against him deciding his two children would remain with their grandfather ordering powell to undergo a psycho sexual investigation. thank you for joining us. my condolences to the family because i know you know them. this must be tremendously difficult for you and them at this time. what were you given from the family about josh powell's behavior? >> i represented the family in connection with the parents. they believe he was clearly a person of interest in the disappearance and death and they were very much opposed to them having contact with the children. i was not the lawyer. today it is devastating, unspeakable day. it's one where the family, my clients had always had very real
1:32 am
and very serious fears about josh powell. >> do you believet that josh powell is capable of such a crime? >> absolutely. i believe he was capable of killing his wife. we had always said that publicly for two years now. i believe he was capable of this although no one could imagine something as bad as this, setting himself and the kids on fire. it is beyond belief and beyond being thinkable. >> i spoke with a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor and she said she believed this may have happened because the children were getting older and were starting to give away secrets that josh powell didn't want them giving away. >> we heard that in the casey anthony case. as recently as christmas the boys were talking about the
1:33 am
minds in utah. the boys were talking about that, at least the oilder boys to their grandparents. >> do you believe as law enforcement believes they are responsible for this. do you believe that is going to go with him to his grave or do you think it will be revealed? >> i firmly believe, i practiced law almost 30 years. i have never seen anything like this. i think that what we saw today gives away the decision. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. we want to go to the big stories for the week ahead. our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president's plans for the week. >> reporter: at the white house, in italy the eurozone's economy
1:34 am
deals with the economic woes. on thursday they will talk about a range of issues but in particular what the italian government is doing to restore market confidence. on tuesday president obama will host the second white house science fair, a chance to celebrate across the country and show initiatives for more students to excel. the house is expected to take up a bill that would ban insider trader among lawmakers and thousands. the senate passed its version of the bill last week. and the senatet is expected to vote on a long debated plan to fund the federal aviation administration for four years. the house adopted on friday. this could also be a key week in the negotiations to extend the payroll tax cuts for a full year
1:35 am
at the house senate conference committee tasked with working out a deal and closer and closer to their deadline. following friday's strong jobs, wall street is gearing up. we'll hear from coca-cola, disney, cisco, bp, visa and sprint. state attorney generals have until monday to agree on a deal with the nation's biggest banks that could be worth as much as $25 billion. and we learned that some mortgage services companies signed off on foreclosures without checking if all the paperwork was accurate. that's all ahead. we'll keep an eye on that on monday and the business news of the week on cnn money. we turn to jackie for the news of the week. >> we are working on very peculiar weather for the month of february we are tracking in the week ahead. there is a disturbed area of
1:36 am
weather heading towards florida tomorrow that may have some tropical elements to it. we could be talking about a subtropical storm within the next 24 hours. the other unusual thing is the temperatures well above average in the week ahead. we will see some cold air intrusions in the upper midwest. windy conditions across the northern tier. mild conditions across the south. look at the edge of your map there. that's a big storm hitting the west coast. we have high wind watches for the san francisco area for monday night into tuesday. be prepared for that. tomorrow's commute tonight starting out with city number five, boston massachusetts. wind will be the issue. 30 miles per hour gusts expected in the afternoon hours. may be delays at logan airport. chicago looking at windy conditions, too. maybe 20 miles per hour gusts here. cloudy conditions making it
1:37 am
difficult. city number three,ome maw, nebraska after a nice dumping of snow late last week warm air is moving over the snow. fog is developing. it is out there already. it is going to be a slow commute. possible delays at the airport. looking better as you head after the 10:00 a.m. hour. city number two, indianapolis. something about a football game perhaps. volume will be a problem at indianapolis international airport and patchy fog for about 9:00 or so. city number one, take a look at this beautiful picture for you tonight. can you recognize it? >> i see it. >> miami. >> palm springs in the foreground. kind of hazy. it is the tropical disturbance moving in. heavy showers and thunderstorms expected all through the day. city number one for travel
1:38 am
problems is is miami, florida. >> i would not have recognized it. guess which one this is. not that one. >> i was going to say miami. >> that one. is that nashville? >> look at that. it is the empire state building. giants blue. >> i have a very small monitor. >> we don't have the big screen. congratulations to the giants. thank you, jackie. >> good game. up next here on cnn one of the original soul train dancers, jody wattly joins me to talk about the creator. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on...
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♪ >> that's her there with the dance moves. over the years cornelius gave a number of dancers their break. >> what an incredible legacy, great man, trend setter, pioneer, legend. and so many of us are very shocked and saddened by his passing. but his legacy is incredible and will live on. >> you knew he had been sick. when you found out i'm sure it was unbelievable to you. what ran through your mind? >> well, i was shocked and i had seen don last year. i sat on the panel with him at the grammy museum here in los angeles celebrating the 40th
1:43 am
anniversary of "soul train" and the first thing i thought of was i was happy to thank him again. i have been thanking him my whole career. to let him know how much we all appreciated him and the doors that he opened for us. >> did you know back then when you were a pip-squeak dancing on "soul train" did you have any idea the impact of what you were doing on the world? everybody watched, not just black folks. >> we all lived to be on "soul train." it was our culture. it's where you found out what was hip and hot. and when i moved to los angeles with my family -- i'm from chicago that was my goal to get
1:44 am
on "soul train." to become one of the popular dancers on the show it was great. all of us, we did it for free, for the love of it. free style dancing. and it was great. and again don made that happen. as an artist, "soul train" was and probably always will be a place to go whether hot 100, top 40, "soul train" was always there for black artists. >> thank you very much. need an extra camera just for joety's hair. it was great to see her. coming up the knife at her throat, a woman tries to calm an attacker by reading to him from the bible. they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose...
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[oinking] [hissing] [ding] announcer: cook foods to the right temperature using a food thermometer. 3,000 americans will die from food poisoning this year. check your steps at after being slashed by a knife a north carolina woman calmed her attacker with bible versus. lindsay wood just arrived to her home when a man walked into her house and slashed her with a knife. >> she offered her car as well as her money that she had on her. she opened her bible and was reading bible versus to him, invited him to her church. >> an hour and a half later the
1:48 am
attacker apologized and left. her injuries left her with at least 20 staples in her neck. new recordings from the moments after the jfk assassination hidden away for decades offering a glimpse into the conclusion of the murder you'll hear for yourself next. a new year brings a new group of cnn. we will begin introducing you to the class of 2012. first anderson cooper speaks with mother robin. she was your choice for the hero of the year. >> how do you feel? >> total gratitude. >> did you think you might have a chance at winning? >> of course not. i'm going to help so many people since 2005. almost 113,000 people got free medical care and medicine. >> what does that feel like to
1:49 am
start with one person and then slowly start to build the organization? >> i found if you have a good idea and you do it with love a lot of people want to help you. >> it was a personal loss that got you involved in this. >> my sister died. she was pregnant. >> what was her name? >> christine. i feel like she really helped me. >> you carry her with you still? >> i think so. >> what kind of impact does this have? >> the clinic in bahly is falling apart. it is too small. >> you are hoping to rebuild the clinic. >> we have been saving money for years. we did get a piece of land in our village. we are ready to build. >> you have $250,000 plus $50,000 so $300,000. >> what keeps you going? those days when you don't have
1:50 am
money and you don't have support? >> some days i don't have money but i have support. there is always an e-mail that says we send you money. it is a miracle every day just like birth. >> congratulations. i'm happy for you and the work you are going to do and the lives you are going to save. thank you. one way you can do more to help the world is by telling us about someone making a difference in your community. go to cnn we can end up honoring your nominee and that has very big results. go to to nominate the cnn hero today. not financially. so we switched to the bargain detergent but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes.
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we have a rare and intriguing glimpse inside one of the darkest days in history thanks to audio tapes hidden away for 50 years. >> they were among the most anxious hours in american history, the chaos following president john f kennedy's association. everyone was scrambling for accurate information. newly released audio tapes offer fascinating insights into the confusion. listen to this one on where to take the president's body.
1:54 am
>> should be taking care of the remains of president kennedy. having the president's remains taken to walter reed. jerry bane had called another official saying the remains should be taken to another military hospital. >> arrangements have been made for the beth esdanaval medical center. >> i listened to the tapes with historian max holland who has a different take. >> the government had no protocol for having to get an autopsy of the president, something no one thought would be necessary. they were completely unprepared. >> the tapes were discovered by
1:55 am
historical document dealers who got them from the estate of a top aid of president kennedy. the recordings were made by the white house communications agency and include recordings from the president's plane. >> i wish to god there was something that i could tell you. >> thank you very much. thanks very much. i know you love jack and he loved you. >> yes, all right. thank you very much. good bye. >> it leaves us all wanting to hear more but some of the
1:56 am
recordings we may never here. officials say at least two hours of the raw tape are still missing. thank you. coming up, new york giants defeat the new england patriots 21-17. live pictures people celebrating in the streets of new york there. it is already getting going. so make sure you stay tuned. and the person who may have worked the hardest in the game, it's madonna. more ont that next.
1:57 am
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finally, the most anticipated event of the year happened in indianapolis tonight. in case you missed it, here it is from nbc and the nfl. ♪ look around it's everywhere that you go ♪ >> that's madonna gyrating and twirling her way through the half time performance. it was a spectacular performance. marching bands and a moving stage. clo green performed with madonna and so did nicki minaj. one song from her new cd. by the way, new york beat new england 21-17 taking


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